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About CCS

Compression Components & Service, LLC provides Stokes equipment, Control Systems, spare parts and support to tablet press end users. We are the only tablet press manufacturer located in the USA. Our tablet presses are used in multiple industries including: pharmaceutical, nutritional, confectionery, battery, air-bag, chlorine, munitions, powder metals, as well as other industrial applications.

Our vast expertise in the design and manufacturing of Stokes tablet presses allows us to provide control systems, spare parts and support for any type of tablet press incluidng Fette, Kilian and others.

Our line of Control Systems can be retrofitted onto any type of tablet press including the popular Fette 2090 and 3090 machines. Our control systems have been designed with the latest technology utilizing off the shelf components making them easy to maintain.

About Stokes

Stokes was founded in Philadelphia (Circa 1895) and is one of the most recognized and respected names in the tablet press industry. Stokes was first to introduce an automatic single punch tablet press, the rotary tablet press, multi-layer tablet press as well as many other innovative advancements over the many decades in business. The Stokes brand name and intellectual property are owned by CCS.
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About Index

Index Encapsulation Equipment LLC is an elite manufacturer of high speed, tamping-style, capsule filling equipment. With a focus on quality and customer service, Index provides encapsulation solutions to Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical manufacturing companies.
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