New Machines in Stock


Specially designed for the reduction of both wet and dry materials into a granular product to a specific size distribution.

Model 43-6 Tablet Granulator


The Stokes Model 623 Tablet Deduster produces a cleaner product than conventional tablet dedusters on the market.

Model 623 Tablet De-duster



Fully automatic, intermittent motion high speed encapsulator.

Index K150i Capsule Filler

Remanufactured machines in stock


The model 328 is the leading heavy-duty, high-speed compacting press. It produces large quality compacts and tablets in various shapes from a variety of materials.

Stokes Model 328

Bosch 700The Bosch GKF 700 is a fully automatic capsule filler designed to separate, fill, close and eject two-piece hard capsules.

Bosch GKF 700

Stokes DDS2 - photo #1.

Stokes Model 557 in working condition. 15 ton machine capable of producing a tablet up to 3″ diameter.

Stokes Model 557

Tablet Press

The Stokes Model 516 is a heavy-duty 15 Ton rotary press designed for double-sided operation.

Stokes Model 516


Semi-auto capsule fillers with all size change parts.