Information Release

Notice: Stokes Vali-tab System EOL (End-of-Life)

This notice is to inform end-users of the Stokes Model 650 Vali-tab (tablet press control system) produced prior to 2003; that the components of this system are now considered obsolete.

In order to address this issue, in 2004 CCS designed a new control system, the CS-1000 to replace the older technology of the Stokes Vali-tab system. The CS-1000 offers advanced features and utilizes “off the shelf” computer components that are widely adopted in many industries, and readily available. The CS-1000 has been successfully installed on the various models of Stokes tablet presses and is a proven alternative to the Stokes Vali-tab.

CCS would like to assist their customer’s during this transition and will continue to provide technical support for the Stokes Vali-tab system; when possible repair obsolete components, and make available for sale any functional used components that we acquire through trade-in. We must advise you that at one point in time, parts for the Stokes Vali-tab will no longer be available.

To take advantage of the advanced features and technology of the CS-1000, visit or contact us directly to discuss the best option for your specific application.