Information Release

CCS Incorporates New Innovative Rebuilding Process for
Stokes Machines

Compression Components Service (CCS) has recently introduced a new rebuilding process for Stokes machines. Almost all parts are new in this innovative rebuild process which includes a complete warranty and all documentation; resulting in an economical tablet press.

The new rebuild process of Stokes tablet presses includes an upgrade of many features so that each rebuilt tablet press can improve operations such as:

The rugged design of the Stokes 328 Tablet Press makes it extremely durable and the warranty included by CCS ensures years of trouble free operation with very low maintenance costs.

About CCS (Compression Components Service)
CCS provides equipment, parts and support to tablet press end users. CCS is the only US manufacturer of a complete line of rotary tablet presses—including Stokes presses—sold into pharmaceutical and industrial application areas such as air bag, battery and chlorine. CCS also supplies auxiliary equipment for complete tablet press processing operations.