Control Systems for Any Brand of Old and New Tablet Presses

Compacting Press

Use CCS’ standard CS-1000 programming to take full advantage of all functions on all makes and models of Stokes tablet presses or adapt the CS-1000 Control System to any tablet press made by any vendor.

The CS-1000 control system incorporates all off-the-shelf components lowering the total cost of ownership of the tablet press making the system easy to maintain while simplifying the sourcing of parts.

This control system has been designed with the latest technology resulting in a system that is easy to operate and maintain. Using Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs and GE Proficy’s iFix software interface, the system provides complete control of the tablet press. The system complies with 21 CFR Part 11 for data collection and E-Signature.


• Electronic Signature
• Networking of Multiple Tablet Presses
• Remote Monitoring via webport
• Graphic displays of average compression force, weight adjust limits and shut-down limits
• Static calibration using operator interface
• Complete system control even when operating with less than a full complement of tool stations
• Automated rejection of out of sepc tablets and sampling
• Statistics from individual punch stations
• Punch station force readout bar graph updated each revolution
• Distribution bar graph provides compact weight data per batch
• Individual control left and right side of press (manual/automatic)
• Multiple security levels
• Alarm summary with shutdown and warning features
• Positions, rates, pressures and timers screen

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