Stokes Model 512

Heavy Duty Press

Compacting Press

Designed to operate in both a pilot batch or production operation

The Stokes Model 512 is a heavy-duty press with a two-piece rotary head that provides clean operations and good tablet quality. The press' hardened steel worm and replaceable bronze headgear give smooth, quiet transmission of power under the most adverse operating conditions.

Pin Type Transit Level Feeder

A pin type transit level feeder funnels material directly over the die cavity. Stationary pins cause a cascading action that improves filling of the dies for accurate tablet weight. An adjustable gate also maintains fluidity tunnel of granulation and prevents packing in the frame.

Three Point Transit Leveling Arrangement

This arrangement permits simple and precise setups of feed frames. No resetting of the feeder is required.

Stainless Steel Hopper

Hoppers contain vertical adjustment and lock provisions.

Dust Removal Suction Nozzles

These nozzles are positioned above and below the die table for clean operation.

Safety Features

Locking the lever in a disengaged position reduces the likelihood of accidental starting. All guards are interlocked to prevent access during operation.

Adjustable Spring Release

The release maintains desired pressure and helps protect tools against damage or breakage in case of accidental overload. Pneumatic release is optional.

Adjustable Upper Roll

This upper roll permits compacting of tablets at various points in the die to extend the die's life. The roll also minimizes capping and laminating of tablets.

Keywayed Upper Punch Sockets

Provide punch alignment when producing tablets of irregular shape are standard.

Technical Specifications:

Model 512-1 Model 512-2
Production Rate (TPM) 400-1,200 550-1,650
Number of Tool Stations 16 22
Fill Depth, Adjustable Range (in.) 0-11/16 0-11/16
Maximum Tablet Diameter (in.) 5/8 7/16
Capsule Shape (in.) 3/4 5/8
Maximum Operation Force (tons) 4 4
Upper Punch Entrance (in.) 1/8-3/8 1/8-3/8
Pressure Roll Diameter (in.) 8 8

Dust Collection Nozzles & Connections:
Number 1 1
Size I.D. - 1-1/4 – 1-1/2 O.D. I.D. - 1-1/4 – 1-1/2 O.D.
Recommended Dust Collection Capacity
3" H2 S.P. @ each nozzle orifice (cfm)
50 (two orifices) 50 (two orifices)
Hopper Capacity 870 870