Replacement Parts

High Quality Precision-machined Replacement Parts

replacement part
560 Turret
Mechanical Feeder
Pressure Roll
S250 Turret

CCS provides high quality precision-machined replacement parts, including punches and dies, for any make and model of tablet press.

  • Top quality with the CCS guarantee
  • Quick deliveries
  • Experienced sales staff
  • Fast quotes
  • Turnkey ordering process

Stokes tablet presses

As the owner of the Stokes brand CCS carries all the machine drawings for any Stokes tablet presses ever made.

Fette, Kilian, Manesty, Korsch, Capplus Technologies, Courtoy and others

CCS carries replacement parts from all vendors but can also engineer any required part from a sample at no extra cost. Standard deliveries, including engineering time, are less than 2 weeks. Even faster turnarounds are available if required.