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Stokes Tablet Presses

Single Station Presses

Stokes Model 511
The Stokes Model 511 is ideally suited for research and development, pilot, batch runs, and small production. This press offers "hands on" experience for interpreting material characteristics relating to flowability, compressibility and ejection criteria. It has operated within universities and in-plant laboratories for over the past 100 years.

Stokes Model 521 (F-4)
The Stokes Model 521 (F-4) is a 4-ton dual motion compacting press. It is ideally suited for producing compacts for many different applications at speeds from 25 to 55 strokes per minute.

Stokes Model 526 and 526S
Stokes Model 526 and 526S are dual motion compacting presses. Pressure is exerted from above by means of an eccentric motion from below by means of a cam. Pressure is applied in both directions simultaneously for a uniform density gradient throughout the piece. It is ideally suited for producing compacts such as gears, rings, discs and bushings from a wide variety of materials.

Rotary Presses

Stokes Model 512
The Stokes Model 512 is a heavy-duty press with a two-piece rotary head that provides clean operations and good tablet quality. The press' hardened steel worm and replaceable bronze head gear give smooth, quiet transmission of power under the most adverse operating conditions.

Stokes Model 555
The Stokes Model 555 (Pacer) rotary press offers outstanding performance in the compacting of high quality products.

Stokes Model 566
The Stokes Model 566 is a multi-layer rotary compacting press designed to produce tablets with up to three separate layers.

Stokes Model 550
The Stokes Model 550 presses are a line of 12-ton single-sided rotary presses designed for compacting a wide range of shapes required by the pharmaceutical, powder-metal and ceramic industries.

Stokes Model 557
The Stokes Model 557 is a heavy-duty rotary press designed for single sided operations with a maximum of 23 tooling stations, 3 1/4" fill and compact sizes up to 3 1/2". Available with 15 or 20 ton capacity.

Stokes Model 516
The Stokes Model 516 is a heavy-duty 15 Ton rotary press designed for double-sided operation. The press can handle up to 2 1/4'' fill and 3 1/2'' compact sizes. Optional 20 ton force is available.

Stokes Model 328
The model 328 is the leading heavy-duty, high-speed compacting press. It produces large quality compacts and tablets in various shapes from a variety of materials. The Stokes Model 328 has a reputation for dependable, long term operation with very low maintenance costs. The Model 328 is available with manual, semi-automatic or fully automated control systems.

Stokes Model Premier
The Stokes Gem Premier rotary tablet press is engineered to produce high quality tablets for many diverse applications. It features an innovative design principle that involves designing the press into multiple areas to eliminate cross contamination.

Stokes Model Supreme
The Stokes Gem Supreme is a single sided rotary compacting press designed to produce high quality tablets for many diverse. It is ideal for cGMP environments where a technically advanced press that is easy to clean and operate is required.

Stokes Model Genesis
The Stokes Genesis Press provides the power and performance expected from a Stokes rotary press. The Genesis has heavy-duty construction for reliable and trouble-free operation, and it features pre-compression for handling difficult materials. The Genesis' removable head design offers the flexibility to change tooling, clean in place or change to a new head configuration.

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